Echo 2
Revolutionary. The bridge between audio and script. Writing, recording and repeating.

Pioneering Smartpens

We found that in this ever changing technological landscape, constantly switching between written and typed notes can be frustrating. We created a pen that brings these two worlds together.

Our lightest, slimmest smartpen yet. Designed to feel like a pen, but to do so much more. Giving a new dimension to your notes, by harmonising audio and script.

Each of our Livescribe pens are equipped with an IR camera that takes up to 72 snapshots per second, which captures and recreates your handwriting.

It is easy to change the ink in your smartpen, and each pen can be charged using a Micro USB Cable.


Livescribe notebooks use regular paper printed with a unique pattern of tiny micro-dots. This pattern is called DPS and works like a GPS for the smartpen.

The smartpen’s high‐speed infrared camera reads the dot‐pattern, which enables a wide range of digital functionalities and paper-based applications. Livescribe’s Smartpaper notebooks and paper‐based applications are provided by Livescribe at prices comparable to standard paper products.


Our partner app that works on all devices. Sync your Livescribe smartpen to our app, and keep all your notes where you need them most. 

Transform your handwritten notes to text and search through them, effortlessly. Store your notes on your favourite cloud service, and use Pencast to sync audio to your notes.

Share your ideas in any format, so you never lose touch with what you create. From text and doodles to a masterpiece.